Annual Lecture

BEARR holds an annual lecture in London at which a distinguished speaker presents a topic of general interest to those who follow developments in our region. In recent years the lectures have usually been hosted and sponsored by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The annual lecture in 2019 was given on 6 June by Bridget Kendall, on “Russia and the ‘no rules’ world of President Putin”. More.

BEARR’s 2018 annual lecture was held in London on 20 September on the theme of “Putin’s Russia and the Ghosts of the Past”. The speaker was Shaun Walker of the Guardian. More…

The 2017 Annual Lecture was held on 26 June at 6 pm. The speaker was Arkady OstrovskyMore…

In 2016 The BEARR Trust 25th Anniversary Lecture was held at the EBRD at 6 pm on 7 June on the subject of: 25 years on:  the Rule of Law in Russia and the republics”; the speaker was Professor Bill Bowring. For details please click here.

The 2015 BEARR Trust annual lecture was held on 22 June at the EBRD in London. Professor Philip Hanson spoke on the subject of ‘The state of the Russian economy – hopeless but not politically serious?’ For details please click here.

The 2014 BEARR Trust annual lecture was on 10 June at the EBRD in London. Professor Archie Brown of Oxford University spoke on ‘The Myth of the Strong Leader in Russia’. For further details click here.

The 2013 BEARR Trust Annual Lecture  was held on Tuesday 25 June. The topic was ‘Can Russia Modernise’, and the speaker was Professor Alena Ledeneva. For the lecture report click here.

On 26 September 2012 Lilia Shevtsova of the Carnegie Moscow Center gave a lecture on ‘Politics and society in Russia today’. Read a summary of the talk here.

The 2012 Annual Lecture was given by Sir Anthony Brenton on 11 June on the subject of ‘Russia and the Arab Spring’. For details click here.

For details of lectures before 2012 please click here.