BEARR holds its annual one-day Annual Conference in November in its conference centre in Southwark, London. It is attended by people working for NGOs or with a professional or general interest in health and welfare in our region. The conference is open to anyone interested, and participants come from the UK, Russia and other countries. The programme contains a mix of individual speakers, case studies, panel session and discussions. Topics are chosen to cover a broad range of issues, sectors and countries.

In addition BEARR has held a series of joint conferences with the academic consortium CEELBAS (Centre for East European Language-based Area Studies) as part of their joint NGO Development Programme.


The 2019 Annual Conference was on Friday,15 November, on the theme of Violence against Women and Girls. For details click here.


In April 2019 the BEARR Trust held its second international conference in the region, in Chisinau, Moldova, in partnership with ULIM, the Free International University of Moldova. The theme was MIGRATION AND SOCIAL CHANGE IN EASTERN EUROPE. For details and the conference report, click here.

The annual conference in 2018 took place on Friday, 16 November, in London. The theme was “Disability and Inclusion”. More here.

The BEARR Trust’s annual conference in 2017 was on 10 November, on the theme of AIDS/HIV in the region covered by BEARRMore

The BEARR Trust’s annual conference in 2016 was held on 11 November, on the theme of “25 Years On: the development of health and welfare NGOs in the BEARR region”. For details click here.

In May 2016 The BEARR Trust held its first overseas conference, a conference jointly with the Catholic University of Ukraine in Lviv, on the issues facing internally displaced persons in Ukraine. For details, click here.

The BEARR Trust’s Annual Conference in 2015 was on 20 November. The subject was “Support for vulnerable groups: institutions and alternatives”. For details click here.

The BEARR Trust’s 2014 Annual Conference was held on 14 November, on the theme of “Stormy outlook?  Challenges facing health and welfare NGOs and their international links”. For details, conference report and presentations, please click here.

The BEARR Trust held its 2013 annual conference on Friday 15 November, on the subject of “The Uses and Abuses of Social Networking for Health and Welfare NGOs in the BEARR Region”. For details click here.

On 22 March 2013 BEARR held a half-day forum on “The Arts and Attitudes to Disability in Eastern Europe” in conjunction with the academic consortium CEELBAS.

For details click here.

For details of annual conferences before 2013, please click here.