Increased social support for families with children in Russia

The Ministry of Labour informed about the main changes in the state programme “Social support of citizens” next year


The Ministry of Labour spoke about the main changes coming up over the next year to the state programme “Social Support of Citizens”.

On 25 December, a meeting of the Public Council took place at the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, at which, amongst other things, they discussed the Russian Federation’s draft resolution “On Amending the State Programme ‘Social Support of Citizens’”.

The draft resolution adjusts the volume of financing for the state programme for 2020-2022, said Maria Antonova, director of the Department of Demographic Policy and Social Protection of the Population at the Ministry of Labour.

“The financing of the state programme, in comparison with 2019, will increase in 2020 by almost 160 billion roubles, in 2021 by 79 billion roubles, and in 2022 by 130 billion roubles,” Ms Antonova specified.

The largest increases in funding occur in sub-programme 1 – “Providing social support measures for certain categories of citizens” and sub-programme 3 – “Providing state support for families with children”. This is due to peculiarities within the formation of the Federal budget, Ms Antonova said.

Furthermore, from 2020 onwards the different regions will receive 7 billion roubles annually in Federal subsidies “aimed at providing social assistance”.

They have also significantly increased the amount of social support available for orphans and foster parents, as well as for families with new-borns. There are monthly payments for the third child and payments in connection with the birth or adoption of the first and second children, Ms Antonova noted.

On behalf of the President, all residents in the Ural and Siberian districts, regardless of the birth rate, will receive Federal subsidies in the form of monthly payments for a third child.

From 2020 onwards, the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and the Federal Service for Supervision of Education will also be involved in the programme. They will implement separate measures for the Federal projects “Financial support of families with new-borns” and “Older Generation”. From 2020, additional pension subsidies will be available to citizens of the Russian Federation.